Lime Bar Cafe

Lime Bar Cafe
Dynamic and cultural, Lime Bar Cafe takes it’s inspiration from wider European influences. A place that think nothing of serving good coffee any time day or night, amongst good beers, wines and classically-inspired food. The atmosphere encourages creativity, communication, sharing and social discussion.

Liming – (West Indian origin) “Hanging out or socialising in an informal relaxing environment especially with friends.  Telling stories, eating, creatively engaging and sharing with each other and  others”.

Owners Andi Elliott and Catherine Burton on Lime Bar:

“We have been looking to open a place in Folkestone for a long time. Somewhere that encourages social dialogue, a place where all people can meet, share ideas and feel at home. The Old Bank building in Tontine Street feels perfect, it has high ceilings so conversation can be intimate or hearty without dominating other visitors. It has gravitas and history including its lovely oak doors and windows. It sits amongst some really great Folkestone independents like; The Chambers, Anecdotes, Beano’s and Kipps. We want to continue Tontine Streets historic and independent tradition in  providing a place with Folkestone people at its heart. A place that  adds something to the town. Our menu, for example, will compliment the restaurants close by rather than be in competition with them. Our drinks will include local brewers and vineyards along side more traditional bottled beers. We will provide good coffee and tea, day and night. We aim for Lime to be a window for ours and other people’s events and interests. Finally and most pleasurably, as East Cliff residents,we can walk to work for the firs time in years!”

The Lime Apartment
Opposite Folkestone Quarterhouse, above Lime Bar Cafe, lives a bright, one bedroom, three bed apartment, just waiting for it’s next guests! Situated in a hive of vibrancy on Tontine Street, surrounded by artists, workshops and galleries, The Lime Apartment is just a few minutes from amenities and hot spots such as the Harbour Arm, The Old High Street and the Leas.

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